Effective Collaboration

Avoid the 3 Big Mistakes that prevent your team from achieving high performance.

Have you invested considerable time and money in your team but fail to see improved employee skills and productivity?

Have your efforts to build more collaboration between departments been unsuccessful?

Have your efforts to improve teamwork among employees failed?

This course is designed to give you the understanding and strategies you need to overcome these pitfalls so that you ARE successful.

You will learn:

Learn to recognize on-target and just-in-time skill development activities that build on workforce strengths and produce a measurable improvement in revenue through cost savings or productivity improvements.

  • 3 mistakes that cause collaboration to fail

  • 3 work culture characteristics that support collaboration

  • 6 principles anchored by behaviors that promote collaboration

  • How to improve group norms

Who will benefit?

  • HR Executives with collaboration and team development initiatives
  • Business Owners desiring to use employee training for rewards and recognition
  • Executives who want to see a good return on training investments
  • Executive Team Members working on workforce development, engagement and talent retention initiatives
  • Individuals with leadership aspirations who want to build higher levels of collaboration and high-performance teamwork in the workplace

Become a Collaborative Leader

Learn to overcome the 3 big mistakes that get in your way. Create your plan to achieve a collaborative and high-performing team today!

Our Happy Clients

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Get Toyota Culture

Michael Hoseus, The Toyota Culture

“Wherever I go around the country talking to people about Toyota Culture I inevitably get the questions about organizations other than Toyota who have been able to establish a culture of continuous improvement, trust and respect. I am happy now to have TIGERS as a resource to support these companies.”

Build a Productive Team

Mary McNally Principal, Project Training Plus

“As a project management instructor, my students frequently ask advice on how to quickly build a productive project team. I find myself sharing TIGERS techniques I’ve learned from Dianne Crampton.”


Cherene Reihani Scherbinske, Director of Business Transformation, American Licorice Company (Red Vines)

“Dianne really delivers … Not only in her knowledge of building teams but in her thought-provoking, engaging style. I highly recommend her tools & facilitation services.”

Become Whole

Cris Mattoon, J. D. Senior Legal, Compliance & Ethics Executive

“TIGERS framework syncs well with transparency across all roles in life, allowing one to proceed smoothly from family to career to community and back again without having to adjust one’s character and integrity in incongruous ways.”


Team Culture Expert

Dianne Crampton

Dianne Crampton is one of North America's leading experts on corporate team culture and is a sought-after Culture Change and Workforce Development Consultant, Workforce Behavior Improvement Coach, Speaker, Author and Workshop Presenter. For more than 20 years, Crampton has worked with motivated leaders and their employees through mergers, culture change and snarly group development troubles. She helps committed leaders build work cultures where cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments drive growth and revenue. Crampton teaches organizations of all sizes how to evolve from being adequate to exceptional. Mrs. Crampton, the founder and president of TIGERS® Success Series, Inc., holds an advanced degree in Organizational Leadership and System Design from Gonzaga University. Crampton has presented the TIGERS model to the National Institute of Applied Business Ethics, the International Customer Service Association, to training and management associations as well as the United Nations Sponsored Inter-generational Conference. TIGERS was nominated by Merrill Lynch for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Final Thoughts

What would it be worth if you could improve cooperation and collaboration in just a few hours?

You can stay in a state of friction. You can choose to experience high employee turnover, conflict, chaos, and overwhelm. 


You can choose a simple, cost-effective solution that helps you lead your team to high-performance, increased profitability and overall happiness. 

You can choose TIGERS. Or you can choose the status quo.

It's your choice. 

HR Certification

1 Re-certification credit hour awarded

“The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for re-certification credit.”