Don't Let Upheaval Get You Down!

Get Supportive Behaviors for New Ways of Working

  • Pandemic
  • Merger 
  • Poor performance 
  • High turnover

When life throws you curve balls, you will need new ways to support change and uplift employee behavior. 

If you are or want to be a leader you need the leadership skills to engage employees to embrace new ways of working. 

How do the world's most effective organizations embrace change and lead their teams into the future?

Get Toyota Culture

Michael Hoseus, The Toyota Culture

“Wherever I go around the country talking to people about Toyota Culture I inevitably get the questions about organizations other than Toyota who have been able to establish a culture of continuous improvement, trust and respect. I am happy now to have TIGERS as a resource to support these companies.”

Create Continuous Improvement

Or, you could do nothing.

What happens when leaders don't adapt to change and disruption or don't adopt continuous improvement? 

  • reduced productivity
  • reduced profits
  • internal competition
  • silos
  • high turnover
  • low productivity
  • high conflict 

They leave money on the table, have less impact in the world, alienate customers and partners, and possibly go out of business. 

Does this sound like an organization you would like to be a part of? 

The Solution

The TIGERS 6 Principles of Leadership

The TIGERS 6 Principles of Leadership FUNdamentals improves cooperation among team members, collaboration between departments, and engagement with employees, all while increasing revenue and productivity.

You can do this with a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution.  

Prescribe Results with Certainty

The TIGERS 6 Principles are fundamental to all human relationships and impact your business’s outcomes whether you know how to use them or not

The absence or presence of these principles predicts with certainty your teams results. 

Why not learn how to observe them in your team, strengthen them in yourself and enhance the dynamic of your team?

Learn how to:

  • Prescribe with Certainty

    Prescribe changes to create known behavior outcomes using TIGERS 6 Principles.

  • Empower Your Team

    Apply the TIGERS 6 Principles to engage and empower your team to magnify results.

  • Co-Create Success

    Use the TIGERS 6 Principles to co-create your team's commitment and success

Transform into an Exceptional Team… FAST

Close the gaps in your leadership skills

TIGERS 6 Principles point you in the most profitable direction.  By improving team dynamics and fostering more effective communication you can produce results fast:  

  • Save Costs
  • Improve Productivity
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Happiness

Lead High Performing Teams

At Your Convenience

As a strong TIGERS Leader you will produce better financial results for your department with lower turnover and increased team happiness

The program is flexible so you can learn at your convenience from any device, anywhere, anytime. What could be more FUN? 

  • Improve Performance
  • Grow Leadership Skills
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Improve Financial Results

The Happiness Factor

Happy teams make high performing teams

When you lead using the TIGERS 6 Principles, you increase happiness among your team and a happy team has more success.

What you get

Your self-paced learning includes the following:

  • Eight 20-30 minute video training courses so you can learn while on the go.

  • Eight short Introductory videos that give you the training overview for each course.

  • Transcripts of videos for those who like to see it in writing.

  • Downloadable handouts with coaching questions for each chapter so you can record the strategies and concepts that are most important to your success. Use them for yourself, then customize these handouts to use with your employees.

  • Leadership self-assessments.

  • A training work room that is available to you 24/7 through your own unique password so you can learn at your own pace and according to your schedule.

  • Useful checklists to use for your own development and with your employees.

Build a Productive Team

Mary McNally Principal, Project Training Plus

“As a project management instructor, my students frequently ask advice on how to quickly build a productive project team. I find myself sharing TIGERS techniques I’ve learned from Dianne Crampton.”

Course curriculum

Cut years off your learning curve.

  • 1

    TIGERS 6 Principles Introduction

  • 2

    Principle 1 - Trust

    • Trust Welcome Video

    • Trust Handout

    • Trust Video Part 1

    • Trust Video Part 2

    • Short Video - 5 Activities that Transform Trust

    • How to Build and Rebuild Trust

    • Bonus Audio: Trust

    • Trust assessment - How trustworthy are you?

  • 3

    Principle 2 - Interdependence

    • Interdependence Introduction Video

    • Interdependence Handout

    • Interdependence Video 1

    • Interdependence Video 2

    • From Independence to Interdependence TED Talk

    • Bonus Audio: Interdependence

    • Assessment: Interdependence Inventory

  • 4

    Principle 3 - Genuineness

    • Genuineness Introductory Video

    • Genuineness Handouts

    • Genuineness Video 1

    • Genuineness Video 2

    • TED Talk: What It Takes To Be A Great Leader

    • The 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People

    • Bonus Audio: Genuineness

    • Genuineness Inventory

  • 5

    Principle 4 - Empathy

    • Empathy Introductory Video

    • Empathy Handout

    • Empathy Video 1

    • Empathy Video 2

    • Ted Talk: A Radical Experiment In Empathy

    • How is Empathy Different Than Sympathy

    • Bonus Audio: Empathy

    • Empathy Inventory

  • 6

    Principle 5 - Risk

    • Risk Introductory Video

    • Risk Handout

    • Risk Video 1

    • Risk Video 2

    • Ted Talk: Learning to Risk or Risking to Learn

    • 10 Easy Rules to Reduce Risks on Projects

    • Bonus Audio: Risk

    • Risk Inventory

  • 7

    Principle 6 - Success

    • Success Introductory Video

    • Success Handouts

    • Success Video 1

    • Success Video 2

    • Tony Hsieh's Top 10 Rules For Success

    • 10 Livable Truths for Success and Life Satisfaction

    • Bonus Audio: Success

    • Success Inventory

  • 8

    TIGERS 6 Principles Wrap-up

    • TIGERS 6 Principles Wrap-up Introductory Video

    • Wrap-up Handout

    • Review Video 1

    • Why Happiness Matters in the Workplace and Beyond

    • Bonus Audio: Wrap-up

    • Assessment: Characteristics of an Effective Team

    • Next Steps

  • 9

    Bonus 1: TIGERS Among Us Book

    • TIGERS Among Us - Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive

  • 10

    Bonus 2: TIGERS Audio Series

    • BONUS 2: TIGERS Leadership Audio Series

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - Introduction to TIGERS

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - TRUST

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - INTERDEPENDENCE

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - GENUINENESS

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - EMPATHY

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - RISK

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - SUCCESS

    • TIGERS Leadership Audio - WRAP-UP

  • 11

    Bonus 3: How to Create Your Leadership Circle

    • How to Create A TIGERS Leadership Circle in Your Organization

Bonus material

These additional tools will help you apply TIGERS techniques for maximum success.

  • TIGERS Among Us

    A copy of the course book TIGERS Among Us – Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive helps you build an authentic team-based work culture.

  • 8 Professional Audios

    This Professional audio program, created in an interview and high quality podcast format, integrates the TIGERS 6 Principles into your daily routine.

  • Your Leadership Circle

    Your Leadership Circle can be used to engage employees to champion change, provide a venue for sharing insights and applying lessons to your real world work requirements.

Available Resources

We've made these resources available for download for those who need to get this training pre-approved within your organization. Click on the image to download and share.

Course Overview

Course Outline


You could make your money back in less than one day of improved productivity.

Build Measurable Success

This leadership course offers you the opportunity to build measurable success one step at a time. Since we have been building teams and coaching leaders since 1989, our 30 years of experience and client success demonstrates that this is the responsible way to learn.

Our Happy Clients

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Cherene Reihani Scherbinske, Director of Business Transformation, American Licorice Company (Red Vines)

“Dianne really delivers … Not only in her knowledge of building teams but in her thought-provoking, engaging style. I highly recommend her tools & facilitation services.”

Your Instructor

Team Culture Expert

Dianne Crampton

Dianne Crampton is one of North America's leading experts on corporate team culture and is a sought-after Culture Change and Workforce Development Consultant, Workforce Behavior Improvement Coach, Speaker, Author and Workshop Presenter. For more than 20 years, Crampton has worked with motivated leaders and their employees through mergers, culture change and snarly group development troubles. She helps committed leaders build work cultures where cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments drive growth and revenue. Crampton teaches organizations of all sizes how to evolve from being adequate to exceptional. Mrs. Crampton, the founder and president of TIGERS® Success Series, Inc., holds an advanced degree in Organizational Leadership and System Design from Gonzaga University. Crampton has presented the TIGERS model to the National Institute of Applied Business Ethics, the International Customer Service Association, to training and management associations as well as the United Nations Sponsored Inter-generational Conference. TIGERS was nominated by Merrill Lynch for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Become Whole

Cris Mattoon, J. D. Senior Legal, Compliance & Ethics Executive

“TIGERS framework syncs well with transparency across all roles in life, allowing one to proceed smoothly from family to career to community and back again without having to adjust one’s character and integrity in incongruous ways.”

Final Thoughts

What would it be worth if you could improve life for you and your team in only 8 hours?

You can stay in a state of upheaval. You can choose to experience high employee turnover, conflict, chaos, and overwhelm. 


You can choose a simple, cost-effective solution that helps you lead your team to high-performance, increased profitability and overall happiness. 

You can choose TIGERS. Or you can choose the status quo.

It's your choice.