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    TIGERS Leadership Fundamentals Introduction

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    • Welcome Video -- Trust

    • Handout -- Trust

    • Video Part 1 -- trust

    • Video Part 2 -- Trust

    • 5 Activities that Transform Trust -- Short Video

    • Ted Talk - How to Build and Rebuild Trust

    • Trust -- Bonus Audio

    • Personal Inventory -- Trust

  • 4


    • Introduction to Interdependence Video

    • Handout -- Interdependence

    • Video 1 -- Interdependence

    • Video 2 -- Interdependence

    • TED Talk -- From Independence to Interdependence

    • Interdependence -- Bonus Audio

    • Personal Inventory -- Interdependence

  • 5


    • Introductory Video -- Genuineness

    • Genuineness Handout

    • Video 1 -- Genuineness

    • Video 2 -- Genuineness

    • TED Talk -- What It Takes To Be A Great Leader

    • PDF - 7 Habits of Truly Genuine People

    • Genuineness - Bonus Audio

    • Genuineness Personal Inventory

  • 6


    • Introduction to Empathy Video

    • Handout - Empathy

    • Video 1 - Empathy

    • Video 2 - Empathy

    • A Radical Experiment In Empathy - Ted Talk

    • How Empathy and Sympathy are Different

    • Empathy - Bonus Audio

    • Empathy - Self Assessment

  • 7


    • Introductory Video - Risk

    • Course Handout - Risk

    • Video 1 - Risk

    • Video 2 - Risk

    • Learning to Risk or Risking to Learn - Ted Talk

    • PDF - 10 Easy Rules to Reduce Risks on Projects

    • Risk - Bonus Audio

    • Risk Personal Inventory

  • 8


    • Video - Introduction to Success

    • Handout - Success

    • Video 1 - Success

    • Video 2 - Success

    • Top 10 Rules For Success - Tony Hsieh

    • Success - Bonus Audio

    • Success - Personal Inventory

  • 9

    TIGERS Leadership Fundamentals Wrap Up

    • Wrap-up Introductory Video - TIGERS 6 Principles

    • Handout - Wrap-up

    • Video 1 - Review

    • White Paper - Why Happiness Matters in the Workplace and Beyond

    • Wrap-up - Bonus Audio

    • Assessment - Characteristics of an Effective Team

  • 10

    Consultant Income

    • How To Avoid 3 Unfortunate Mistakes That Reduce Consulting Growth and Income

    • The 3rd Biggest Mistake that Begins With the Letter B video 2

    • The 3rd Biggest Mistake that Begins With the Letter B Video 3

    • Video 4 A The Second Biggest Mistake that Begins With the Letter M

    • Video 4 B The Second Biggest Mistake that Begins With the Letter M

    • Video 5 A The First Biggest Mistake that Begins with the Letter R

    • Video 5 B The First Biggest Mistake that Begins with the Letter R

    • Test your learning

  • 11

    Workforce Behavioral Profile

    • What you learn in this section!

    • TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile Survey Administrator Guides, Sample Reports and Best Practices

    • Introduction into the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile™

    • Assessment video 2: Tips and Tricks for Uploading a TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile Assessment for Your Clients.

    • Test your learning on the TIGERS Workforce Behavior Profile Assessment Videos

    • TIGERS Micro Training And Other Billings Introduction

  • 12

    Leadership Audio Series for Learning On the Go

    • TIGERS Audio Series

    • TIGERS Audio Series - Introduction to TIGERS

    • TIGERS Audio Series - TRUST


    • TIGERS Audio Series - GENUINENESS

    • TIGERS Audio Series - EMPATHY

    • TIGERS Audio Series - RISK

    • TIGERS Audio Series - SUCCESS

    • TIGERS Audio Series - WRAP-UP

  • 13

    Collaborative Leader: Three Unfortunate Mistakes that Cause Collaboration and High Performance Teamwork to Fail

    • Introduction and History of Workforce Collaboration and a Human Workforce - Video 1

    • Competition Part 1 - Video 2

    • Video 1&2 - Quiz

    • Competition Part 2 - Video 3

    • Behavior - Video 4

    • Leadership Quiz Video 3 & 4

    • Transference - Video 5

    • Leadership Quiz video 5

  • 14


    • 2 Ways To Measure Collaborative Leadership Improvement

    • Video -- How To Measure Collaborative Improvement in Systems

    • Leadership Best Practices for Use of the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile

    • Leadership and Culture Assessment: TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile for Department Leadership and Group Assessment

    • Bonus Ressources

  • 15

    Micro Training

    • Leadership Micro Training Advantages

    • Follow Through Strategies That Ensure Training Sticks

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    Next steps

    • Before you go...

Instructor Dianne Crampton, TIGERS 6 Principles Founder

30+ Years of Experience In Collaborative Work Culture, Employee-Centered Leadership and Collaborative Team Development to Take Your Business to The Next Level of Success

Team Culture Expert

Dianne Crampton

Dianne Crampton is one of North America's leading experts on corporate team culture and is a sought-after Culture Change and Workforce Development professional. Crampton has worked with motivated leaders and their employees through mergers, culture change and snarly group development troubles. She helps committed leaders build work cultures where cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments drive growth and revenue. Crampton, the founder and president of TIGERS® Success Series, Inc., holds an advanced degree in Organizational Leadership and System Design from Gonzaga University.


Ali Cammelletti, President Spark Your Mindset, LLC.

"Getting TIGERS certified was absolutely the best decision for my business! I believe in the TIGERS 6 principles so much. It has taken my leadership coaching to a new level by utilizing the inventory assessments to quickly find areas of opportunity and then the worksheets allowing clients to reflect on the principles. I now have a process in my leadership coaching that I can easily expand on other topics with and help clients see their opportunities in a clear way, leading them to grow in their leadership journey. I have also been able to utilize the TIGERS game at conferences to get leaders excited about the coaching and bring in more leadership coaching business. Being able to implement the four levels of learning as well as consensus facilitation continues to elevate my business in what I can offer all companies through sales and company culture. I am so grateful for Dianne Crampton and her gift of TIGERS 6 principles. Thank you Dianne! Ali"


Megan Fries, President Frenzy to Freedom

"Dianne's research and training for TIGERS has helped me in both my consulting work with clients and with my personal relationships. While helping leaders to keep more of every dollar they earn it is impossible to ignore the value in team engagement and group connectedness. I am constantly reminded with current events, politics, and organizational growth that the collaborative vs the top-down process is a must in identifying and understanding. Dianne's insight and proven research along with her ability to imbue the values of Trust, Interdependence, Genuineness, Empathy, Risk, and Success in teachings reinforces how effective her methods can be."