Course Curriculum

TIGERS micro-training platform makes learning easy. TIGERS behavior skills micro-training improves behavior that promotes high performance teamwork. We know that micro-training segments that take less than 15 minutes to complete are the best way to develop employee collaboration while improving behavior they immediately apply on the job. Links to the training room are delivered by email to your employees. Then they can access their training by hand held or computer station devices at a time that is best for them. We deliver 48 lessons in 12 monthly segments of four trainings each. The trainings are based on 8 lessons for each of the TIGERS 6 Principles to improve your work culture or department behavior for the year. Your managers can lead this program or you can outsource this to a licensed TIGERS coach, trainer and consultant. No more scheduling problems, overtime pay, or having to say no to employees who want to learn and improve their skills.

    1. TIGERS 6 Principles Behavioral Personal Development Plan

    2. Trust Overview

    3. Trust Week 1: What is trust and why is it important?

    4. Trust Week 1: How do you restore trust if it has been broken?

    5. Trust Self Assessment

    6. Trust Week 2: Behaviors that Build or Damage Trust

    7. Trust Week 3: The Art and Science of Making Meaningful Behavior Change

    8. Trust Week 4: Do what you say you are going to do

    9. Trust Week 4: 6 Steps to a Successful Delegation

    10. Trust Week 4: Test your comprehension of Trust

    1. Trust Month Two Overview

    2. Trust Week 5 - Achieving the Peak of Trust

    3. Trust Week 5 - How To Restore Trust On Teams

    4. Trust Week 6 - Give Trust to Get Trust in the Workplace

    5. Trust Week 6 - A kid's response to bullying

    6. Trust Week 7 - How to stop gossip

    7. Trust Week 8 - Why is gossip believed?

    8. Week 8 - How to heal gossip and other personal affronts.

    9. Trust Month 2 Quiz

    1. Interdependence Overview

    2. Interdependence Week 1 - Interdependence Lies At The Heart Of Community

    3. Interdependence Week 2 - Interdependence Corrects Group Think

    4. Interdependence Week 3 - Interdependence Self-scoring Assessment

    5. Interdependence Week 4 - Do We Have as Much Sense as a Goose?

    6. Interdependence Month One Review

    1. Interdependence Month Two Overview

    2. Interdependence Week 5 - Interdependence Improves Work Culture Success

    3. Interdependence Week 6 - The Interdependent Relationship

    4. Interdependence Week 6 - Comparison VS Self-Reflection

    5. Interdependence Week 7 - Interdependence Grows When You Build Your Collective Intelligence

    6. Interdependence Week 8 - How to diminish problems that reduce group intelligence

    7. Interdependence Month Two Quiz

    1. Genuineness Overview

    2. Genuineness Week 1 - How to reap the rewards of Genuineness

    3. Genuineness Week 2 - The Benefit of Appointing a Contrarian

    4. Genuineness Week 2 - Questions About Your Action Items from Week one and two.

    5. Genuineness Week 3 - What it means to be genuine.

    6. Genuineness Self-Assessment

    7. Genuineness Week 4 - How to overcome doubt in yourself

    8. Testing your knowledge for Genuineness Month 1

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TIGERS 6 Principles, Founder Dianne Crampton

Dianne Crampton is the founder and researcher behind the TIGERS 6 Principles. She studied education, psychology and business group dynamic research from which the TIGERS 6 Principles - trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success - emerged. She is one of North America's leading experts on collaborative workforce and leadership development. Independently validated by Gonzaga University and The Washington Education Association, the TIGERS 6 Principles comprehensive system has helped motivated leaders and their employees through mergers, culture change and group process problems. Dianne's depth of knowledge helps committed leaders build work cultures where cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments drive engagement, talent retention, growth and revenue. Crampton, the founder and president of TIGERS® Success Series, Inc., holds an advanced degree in Organizational Leadership and System Design from Gonzaga University.

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