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APPROPRIATE FOR LEADERSHIP COACHES, CONSULTANTS, MANAGERS, AND TEAM LEADERS --------- COURSE DETAILS ---------Spark Collaboration and Engagement with the TIGERS Among Us Book Club Kit. Take advantage of the instructor call that accompanies this course. The bottom line is that collaborative work culture leadership is different than the directive and top-down, hierarchical mindset. Confusing the two when transitioning to improved workforce collaboration causes problems. The TIGERS Among Us Book Club Kit is a turn-key resource that may be used and reused as often as you wish to improve trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success in team behavior and group process. Use it for resolving conflict on teams, when onboarding new employees, and for improving how your teams work. Your training includes instructional video; the course book TIGERS Among Us - Winning Business Team Cultures and Why They Thrive; an e-book guide for creating a TIGERS Learning Circle in your organization and a book facilitation guide complete with assessment, discussion questions and exercises; a tool for boosting psychological safety for your employee discussions; and a personal coaching/Q & A call to address your questions and explore your ideas. Learn how to use these tools to build psychological safety in group discussions while engaging team members in productive team development conversations, coaching and new skills practice. Learn to use these resources with confidence. Reuse them as often as you wish. A Course Completion Certificate is provided with cost savings for your next training.

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Consultant Experience: How the TIGERS Among Us Learning Circle Book Facilitation Kit Made a Difference for a Nonprofit

"When I held a book club for a nonprofit collaborative, it created a powerful team building experience. The experience provided personal growth, career growth, increased cooperation, and understanding of group culture that ultimately increased profitability and decreased turnover while providing job satisfaction. This type of experience demonstrates how a group of people can create a learning circle for optimal growth. I used the TIGERS Among Us book as an opportunity for growth and connectedness. " -- Megan Fries, President Frenzy to Freedom