Learning Outcomes

TIGERS 6 PRINCIPLES™ Leadership Fundamentals offers a deep emersion into the six Principles of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success along with measurable behavior that supports them. Through an effective blend of practical tools, concepts, case studies and coaching techniques, this program empowers you to improve your organization within the course design. SHRM continuing Ed credit is available.

  • Forge your leadership skills to build continuous learning and development throughout your employees' life cycles.

  • Evolve your skills to improve team cooperation, engagement and performance.

  • Use this leadership course to transform profitability and the positive connections you form with employees.

  • Inspire new ways that your team members interact so your team's behavior supports mutual cooperation.

Course Lessons

Offered with instructor led sessions and a private Q & A call for participant privacy. Learning platform includes video, audio, text, quizzes, coaching handouts and instructor response bulletin board support. Organizations enrolling 5 or more managers receive customized group development support and 6 instructor led sessions.

    1. TIGERS 6 Principles Team Leadership Welcome Video

    2. How to Navigate Your Training Site

    3. Tips For Your Superior Outcomes

    4. Introduction Handouts

    5. Introduction Video Part 1

    6. Introduction Video Part 2

    7. White Paper: How to Build a Collaborative Work Culture

    8. Bonus Audio: Intro to TIGERS

    9. Assessment: Characteristics of an Effective Team

    10. TIGERS Team Development Principles

    1. Trust Welcome Video

    2. Trust Handout

    3. Trust Video Part 1

    4. Trust Video Part 2

    5. Short Video - 5 Activities that Transform Trust

    6. How to Build and Rebuild Trust

    7. Bonus Audio: Trust

    8. Trust assessment - How trustworthy are you?

    1. Interdependence Introduction Video

    2. Interdependence Handout

    3. Interdependence Video 1

    4. Interdependence Video 2

    5. From Independence to Interdependence TED Talk

    6. Bonus Audio: Interdependence

    7. Assessment: Interdependence Inventory

    1. Genuineness Introductory Video

    2. Genuineness Handout

    3. Genuineness Video 1

    4. Genuineness Video 2

    5. TED Talk: What It Takes To Be A Great Leader

    6. The 7 Habits of Genuine People

    7. Bonus Audio: Genuineness

    8. Genuineness Inventory

    1. Empathy Introductory Video

    2. Empathy Handout

    3. Empathy Video 1

    4. Empathy Video 2

    5. Ted Talk: A Radical Experiment In Empathy

    6. How is Empathy Different Than Sympathy

    7. Bonus Audio: Empathy

    8. Empathy Inventory

    9. Simon Sinek On Empathy

    1. Risk Introductory Video

    2. Risk Handout

    3. Risk Video 1

    4. Risk Video 2

    5. Ted Talk: Learning to Risk or Risking to Learn

    6. 10 Easy Rules to Reduce Risks on Projects

    7. Bonus Audio: Risk

    8. Risk Inventory

About this course

  • $1,500.00
  • 77 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Team Culture Expert Dianne Crampton

Dianne Crampton is one of North America's leading experts on corporate team culture and is a sought-after Culture Change and Workforce Development professional. Crampton has worked with motivated leaders and their employees through mergers, culture change and snarly group development troubles. She helps committed leaders build work cultures where cooperation among employees and collaboration between departments drive growth and revenue. Crampton, the founder and president of TIGERS® Success Series, Inc., holds an advanced degree in Organizational Leadership and System Design from Gonzaga University.

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